I started out as an editor. Over the years, filmmaking has brought me to many places, both physically and metaphorically. I have also grown to love every aspect of filmmaking. I now work as director and editor.

I graduated from the Film and TV School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2003. After spending many years in the post production environment. I developed a desire to tell my own stories. I have taken some time out to make a couple of short films,  and through that I have broadened my skill-set as well as vision of life.

I started working as an editor in 2003. In the first couple of years of my career, most of my clients were corporate clients. It was a good period of time learning post-production workflow on TVC projects.

My editing career brought me to Beijing in 2006 to work on the documentary film project Tongzhi in Love. I worked closely with director Ruby Yang in constructing parallel stories of gay youths from one child families living in Beijing.

It was as much a new professional challenge as well as a life challenge. Beijing was a city on a wave of monumental changes. It was a great learning process in work as well as my own personal life.

In 2010, I made my directorial debut with the short film Remnants. I had no previous experience working with child actors at the start of shoot. And it proved challenging. In the end I learnt a great deal through the production of the film. It was a pleseant surprise that I won the Best Creativity Award at the Hong Kong Fresh Wave Short Film Awards.


I now reside in Tübingen, Germany.