Portugal is such a great backdrop for a documentary. We went to the places that have significance in Portugal’s history including Viseu, Conimbriga, Sintra, Lisbon and Porto.

I wanted to make a film about how languages we speak today evolve over time. The film was originally planned as a 45 minute documentary, but with budget and time constraints, I decided to finish it as a short overview rather than an in-depth documentary as originally conceived. I am still planning to make a longer doco on the subject in the near future.

Remnants is an experimental piece that explores the poetic narrative. After the world has collapsed, Si picks up his grandfather’s diary and goes through the forest accompanied by two guys who don’t see eye to eye. They are holding on to their remaining memories of the adult world to try and comprehend the current situation… shot in a studio, the film creates a dream-like surreal world made up of stark black and white contrasts and minimalist compositions.

See the world through my lenses.
This is a short film essay I edited together of footage I shot on my travels.

I lived in Berlin for about 10 months in 2016. As an Asian and someone who speaks little German, I became an observer of the city. The idea for this film came from the love of street photography. As a hobby, I filmed the streets of Berlin as if I was taking photographs. Each shot is a moving photo. After leaving Berlin I finally edited together a short film using selected shots from that period of time. This film is the result.